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Private guides

Touristic guides in Italy

Private guides in Rome Vatican Florence and othe towns

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All tours will start and finish from
Piazza della Repubblica 20 – Rome 00100
or prefered places your Hotel.
Payment at the end of the tour

Our guides are also graduates having obtained painting, dance, music or literature diplomas and are active artists working in Italy. Available individual tours with guide 24/h

музей спада рим екскурзияколизей рим екскурзияfinta prospettiva di borromini tous of rome

Inside the guided tour experience you can choose to visit important archaeological areas like dungeons, catacombs, ancient walls, sacred places and secret areas accessible to limited number of people. The collection of Greek and Roman classical sculptures offering sculptures of emperors, athletes, mythological figures and ancient deities can be viewed in an exclusive way.

david_michelangelo rome to florence tourexcurions tivoli rusrimlarte-di-raffael

During the guided tour in Rome, Florence, Siena and the Roman castles, you can have a break for tasting of local food preferred by Roman elite.
In summer the most popular organic ice cream shop in Rome is a place to drop in.

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