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Private tours аround roman mountains in Lazio and Abruzzo regions

abruzzo car tour from rome


Our licensed private guides in Rome, are also graduates having obtained painting, dance, music or literature diplomas and are active artists working in Italy with minimum 5y experience in the tourism sector. Small group (max 10 pax) or individual private tours in minivans ensuring the highest level of confort. Our vehicles are fully equipped with all the options required for long trips, including air conditioning. An English speking private guide will be at your disposal for the whole day and will arrange the most satisfactory tour with you.

Eur 60 / h Max 10 pax + Private Guide with car – Tour price example for 10h

Example price for the daily tour 11h – 6 persons (Eur 700 ) – 10 persons – (Eur 1100 )

Abruzzo car tour – AROUND ROME PRIVATE VIP TOUR with GUIDE and CAR or on request with only ENGLISH speaking DRIVER
  • Great Rock of Italy – Gran Sasso d’Italia and Campo Imperatore ski resorts – Abruzzo from Rome private car tour

Gran Sasso - Abruzzo - car tour from Rome

Gran Sasso d’Italia and Campo imperatore – Ski resorts in the surrounding province of L’Aquila (Italian:, literally “Great Rock of Italy”) is a mountain located in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. The Gran Sasso forms the centrepiece of the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park which was established in 1993 and holds the highest mountains in continental Italy south of the Alps and is part of the Apennines, the mountain range that runs the entire length of the Italian Peninsula. Teramo and L’Aquila are the nearest cities to the Gran Sasso, while Assergi, at the base of the mountain, is the nearest village; Rome is 132 kilometres (82 mi) by road.

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Gran sasso private excursion around Romegran sasso from rome excursion

abruzzo tours around rome Abruzzo private car excursion from rome

  • Grotte di stiffe – The paradice caves of Stiffe – Abruzzo from Rome private car tour

stiffe caveGtiffe cave in abruzzo private excursion

cave around rome tour grotte di stife private tour from rome

cave in italy tour


  • Santo Stefano di Sessanio – Abruzzo from Rome private tour

“Historic hill towns are an essential part of the landscape of Abruzzo.”

Santo stefano di sessanio Abruzzo - Rome private toursSanto Stefano di Sessanio is a fortified medieval village. It is located in the mountains of Abruzzo at 1250 meters above sea level, inside the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga national park. The village is a classic example of an Italian medieval hill town, with perimeter walls encircling houses and squares. During the last century the “modernisation” of rural Italy compromised the architectural heritage of many of its countryside villages and towns. But Santo Stefano, like many more remote Mediterranean mountain villages, was deserted when its impoverished inhabitants left in search of work. Paradoxically, the abandonment saved the town from architectural abuse.

  • L’Aquila – Abruzzo from Rome private tour

L'aquila car tour from romeThe power of L’Aquila was based on the close connection between the city and its mother-villages, which had established the city as a federation, each of them building a borough and considering it as a part of the mother-village. The Fountain of the 99 Spouts (Fontana delle 99 Cannelle), was given its name to celebrate the ancient origin of the town. The City Council was originally composed of the Mayors of the villages, and the city had no legal existence until King Charles II of Naples appointed a “Camerlengo”, responsible for city tributes (previously paid separately by each of its mother-villages). Later, the Camerlengo also took political power, as President of the City Council. From its beginnings the city constituted an important market for the surrounding countryside, which provided it with a regular supply of food: from the fertile valleys came the precious saffron; the surrounding mountain pastures provided summer grazing for numerous transhumant flocks of sheep, which in turn supplied abundant raw materials for export and, to a lesser extent, small local industries, which in time brought craftsmen and merchants from outside the area. Within a few decades L’Aquila became a crossroads in communications between cities within and beyond the Kingdom, thanks to the so-called “via degli Abruzzi”, which ran from Florence to Naples by way of Perugia, Rieti, L’Aquila, Sulmona, Isernia, Venafro, Teano and Capua.


Small group tours in minivans ensuring the highest level of comfort. Our vehicles are fully equipped with all the options required for  long trips, including air conditioning.
An English speaking private guide will be at your disposal for the whole day and will arrange the most satisfactory tour with you.



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