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Palazzo_spadaThe Spada Collection is housed in the Spada Capodiferro Palace, nearby Piazza Farnese. Begun by Cardinal Bernardino Spada and enlarged by his great grandson Fabrizio, the collection contains precimis 17th c. paintings, arranged regionally and stylistically. It is the only left example of Roman Patrician family’s private collections, because the events of the 18th c. (French occupation) and the 19th c. (Rome became capital) scattered them in larger nuclei. Arranged in four rooms on the first floor, the collection is a consistent whole of art works reflecting the scientific curiosity and the taste of the main client – Cardinal Bernardino Spada. The arrangement of the collection follows the original one: the paintings are arranged in different rows along the walls and the sculptures are placed under them or in the middle of the rooms, while the ancient furniture (sofas, consolles, chairs, mirrors) occupy the rest, creating a space full of art works and furnishings. The leitmotiv of the 16″. and 18”’ c. Roman collections is the relation between modern paintings and ancient sculptures within the same rooms: the modern paintings were sometimes copied and inspired by the ancient sculptures; shown in formal-stylistic variations,


santa-luciaIt is now a canonical model – for example the Sleeping Putto is here represented in three different versions. The building, built during the second half of the 16th c., stands out for the rich stucco decoration of the facade and the inner courtyard: here statues of Roman emperors alternate with ornamental patterns. Part of the building is the seat of the Council of State. The perspective gallery commissioned by Cardinal Spada Francesco Borromini (1653), can be seen through the glass wall of the library facing the inner courtyard. It shows the talent reached by the artist in matter of optics and design. The gallery, in fact, ra • seems deeper than its 9 m thanks to the accentuation of the perspective vanishing point obtained by modifying its structural elements: the flooring is uphill, the walls are convergent, the downhill vault and the columns become smaller and smaller as the bust of the warrior, placed here only later on, is reached. This ingenious experiment proves that the culture investigated every aspect of reality (botany, astronomy, optics). The entrance room has a magnificent floor in terracotta tiles, which has become a uniform reflecting surface with the passing of the centuries. The wideness of the room with the large paintings arranged in three rows helps in viewing them: here is the Portrait of Cardinal Bernardino Spada (1631) — the main maker of the collection — by Guido Reni. He was the cardinal’s favourite artist among the Bolognese artists to whom he commissioned works: the other was Guercino. The gallery contains Death of Dick (1631) by Guercino – a painting with a sharp chiaroscuro contrast, originally intended for the collection of Maria de’ Medici, who was Queen of France in that period. The predilection for the School of Bologna was not an exception during that period; just consider Carracci’s inheritance at Farnese Palace (gallery with the Stories of Psyche, 1592). But the Cardinal stands out for his unfailing choice of the artists; moreover, he was open-minded towards the new artistic expressions of that period.

Spada Galleria Roma


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The palace was built and decorated with splendid paintings and stuccoes halfway through the 16tth century by Cardinal Girolamo Capodiferro. Purchased in 1632 by Cardinal Bernadino Spada, the building was immediately transformed to house the residence of the important prelate. New decorations were done, even in view of the setting up of the Picture gallery, where it is still possible to admire the rich furnishings, the sculptures and two world maps, emphasising the many inter-est of the householder. Since 1926, the building has been the seat of the Council of State, but it is still possible to visit, in four rooms, the gallery of the cul-tured prelate, with paintihgs by famous artists, including Titian and Guido Reni.

Borromini be-gan to work on the restora-tion of the Spada Palace around 1635. He transformed the grand interior stair-case and built the two spiral staircas-es in the facade fac-ing the garden. The most important work, however, was the surprising Gallery in Per-spective, the wish of Cardinal Bernadi-no Spada, impas-sioned by those baroque virtuosities. The gallery was built in a year, from 1652 to 1653, in collaboration with the Augustinian mathematician, Gio-vanni Maria da Bitonto. The virtual depth of the gallery is about 35 metres, but the real measurement is 8.82 metres! The optical il-lusion was made through the convergence of the planes of the colonnade towards the vanishing point and the upward slope of the mosaic floor. At the end of the recently re-stored gallery, on the end wall, is the cast for a small statue of a warrior of the Roman pe-riod placed there halfway through the 1800s.



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Small group tours in minivans ensuring the highest level of comfort. Our vehicles are fully equipped with all the options required for  long trips, including air conditioning.
An English speaking private guide will be at your disposal for the whole day and will arrange the most satisfactory tour with you.


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