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Chianti private tour with local guide

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  • Chianti car tour from Florence with private guide
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Ask a sample of northern Europeans to define their idea of paradise and the odds are that several will come up with something that sounds much like Chianti.

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The territory of vineyards and hill-towns that stretches between Florence and Siena. Eyery aspect of life in Chianti seems in perfect balance: the landscape is the sort of terrain beloved of painters evoking the Golden Age: the climate for most of the year is balmy, and even in the pit of winter rarely too grim; and on top of all this there’s the wine. the one one Italian vintage that’s fanu’liar to just about everyone.

Chianti Tuscany car tour from Rome

chianti tours in tuscanyThe British, and others from similarly ill-favoured zones. were long ago alerted to Chianti’s charms. and the rate of immigration has been so rapid since the 1960`s that the region is now popularly known as “Chiantishire” or “Surrey in the Sun” With up to a million visitors a year, tourism has overtaken wine to become the region`s most important cash crop, and has helped push property prices beyond the reach of the local population – thus altering the tone of certain parts irreparably. Tourist handouts might talk of the charm of Chianti’s medieval hamlets, but many of them are places

Chianti – Siena – Tuscany wine tour from Rome with private guide

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