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Argentario and Capalbio – Tuscany private tour from Rome

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Private tour of Tuscany Capalbio – The SILVER PENINSULA – ARGENTARIO 

Car tours in Tuscany from Rome with private guide

 Private and individual car tour around Rome, with local guide
Day tour around Rome to Capalbio and Monte Argentario peninsula – Tuscany
  • Tarot Garden – Giardino dei Tarocchi –  Niki de Saint Phalle – Capalbio
  • Peninsula Monte Argentario
  • Porto Ercole
  • Porto Santo Stefano
  • Ansedonia
  • Orbetello

Individual daily private tour from Rome Eur 60 / h Max 6 pax – car with private english guide – ARGENTARIO PRIVATE VIP TOUR with GUIDE and CAR or on request with only ENGLISH speaking DRIVER

Orbetello ArgentarioNiki-de-Saint-Phalleargentario45-300x187

Tarot Garden – Giardino dei Tarocchi –  Niki de Saint Phalle

Private Tour from Rome Florence or othe towns in central Italy

Excursion from Rome to Capalbio Tuscany with car and guide
Influenced by Gaudí’s Parc Güell in Barcelona, and Parco dei Mostri in Bomarzo, as well as Palais Idéal by Ferdinand Cheval, and Watts Towers by Simon Rodia, Saint Phalle decided that she wanted to make something similar; a monumental sculpture park created by a woman. In 1979, she acquired some land in Garavicchio, Tuscany, about 100 km north-west of Rome along the coast. Niki de Saint Phalle has created a large number of “Nanas” in her career with different materials, in different shapes and dimensions. The garden, called Giardino dei Tarocchi in Italian, contains sculptures of the symbols found on Tarot cards. The garden took many years, and a considerable sum of money, to complete. It opened in 1998, after nearly 20 years of work. Her main benefactor of the period was the Agnelli family.

Capalbio – ITALY – Il Giardino dei Tarocchi – VIDEO RusRim private tours Original music by Adel Karanov 

Tuscany private tour from Rome – Monte Argentario and Capalbio

Porto Ercole Monte Argentario20150923_155056porto santo stefano night

Argentario and Capalbio Daily tour from Rome or Florence

The Niki Charitable Art Foundation was created by Niki de Saint Phalle and became officially active upon her death. It represents the artist’s personal collection of more than 1,000 sculptures and 5,000 graphic works of art. The Foundation maintains the artwork and archives and holds the intellectual property rights for them. The Foundation acts as a link and point of contact for all projects related to Niki de Saint Phalle.

From its collection, the Foundation makes artwork available to museums throughout the world for exhibitions.


Niki de Saint Phalle – Capalbio – Tarot Garden tour with guide in english – car tour from Rome or Florence

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Luxury dream private tour in Tuscany – Capalbio and Monte Argentario – The spirit of the  Silver peninsula – Monte Argentario
Individual car excursion from Rome to Tuscany – Monte Argentario with guide in english, french, german, bulgarian, russian, ukrainian

Monte Argentario is a promontory stretching towards the Tyrrhenian Sea in correspondence of the two southernmost islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, Giglio and Giannutri.  Argentarola cave lies close to Argentario promontory. The high quality speleothems that have been collected from this cave have allowed scientists to study the 215,000 year history of sea-level oscillations in this region.

The panoramic road Strada panoramica starts in Porto Santo Stefano allowing splendid views of the coast and the Tuscan Archipelago.

Rusrim.com Original music by Adel Karanov  – VIDEO of porto Santo Stefano Private tour from Rome with car and guide

Maremma Toscana – Art and nature in Tuscany

Maremma Toscana - Tuscany car excursions
Maremma Mediterranea Argentario – Tuscany individual tours from Rome
Tuscany nature - Individual car excursion
Incredible nature – Tuscany Individual car tours
Nature in Tuscany - excursions from Rome
Monte Argentario – Tuscany – Italy – Car tours from Rome
Monuments in Argentario – Tuscany – Central Italy
  • Sant’Erasmo church
  • San Rocco church
  • Forte Filippo
  • Convento dei Padri Passionisti
  • Chiesa di Sant’Erasmo
  • Chiesa di Santo Stefano
  • Cappella della Madonna di Loreto
  • Palazzo dei Governanti
  • Villa Italiesin
  • Villa Valdroni
  • Villa Ricci
  • Villa Rebecchini
  • Villa La Giocondiana


Fortifications and lighthouses
La Rocca di Porto Ercole.
Porto Santo Stefano, The spanish fortress
Porto Santo Stefano - Toscana - Fortezza Spagnola - Car tours Tuscany rusrim.com
Porto Santo Stefano – Toscana – Fortezza Spagnola – Car tours Tuscany rusrim.com
Military monuments in the silver peninsula – Tuscany
  • Fortezza Spagnola (Porto Santo Stefano)
  • Torre della Peschiera di Nassa
  • Torre di Santa Liberata
  • Torre del Calvello
  • Forte Pozzarello
  • Torre dell’Argentiera
  • Torre di Lividonia
  • Faro di Lividonia
  • Torre della Cacciarella
  • Torre di Poggio Natalino
  • Torre di Cala Grande
  • Semaforo dei Ronconali
  • Torre di Cala Moresca
  • Torre di Cala Piccola
  • Torre di Capo d’Uomo
  • Torre della Maddalena
  • Torre delle Cannelle
  • Torre Ciana
  • Torre Avvoltore
  • Torre dell’Acqua
  • Forte Stella (Porto Ercole)
  • Rocca aldobrandesca (Porto Ercole)
  • Faro di Porto Ercole
  • Forte Santa Caterina (Porto Ercole)
  • Forte Filippo (Porto Ercole)
  • Torre del Mulinaccio (Porto Ercole)


Curiosity – Monte Argentario Tuscany in the Italian cinema

L’Odissea was an Italian TV miniseries broadcast on RAI in 1968 and based on Homer’s Odyssey. Directed by Franco Rossi. Each episode was preceded by an introduction in which poet Giuseppe Ungaretti read some verses of the original poem. The adaptation was quite faithful, apart from the absence of the passage of the strait of Messina and the encounter with Scylla and Charybdis.

Odissea Omero Monte Argentario

Scene from the film Odissea

Local food – Monte Argentario Tuscany
Caldaro dell’Argentario
Typical fish speciality

Caldaro dell'Argentario

Fiche Maschie
Fig speciality from Porto Ercole Tuscany

local food Argentario- Tuscany car tours

Cheese in Monte Argentario

cheese tuscany - car tours rome

Ansonica Costa dell’Argentario – Wine from Argentario – Grosseto Tuscany

Wine Grosseto - Tuscany car tours

Argentarium Liquore – Padri Passionisti – Tuscany

Argentarium liquore - Tuscany car tours

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Transfer and private tours from Civitavecchia port – Rome airport
Transfer – Rome Airport  and  Civitavecchia with driver guide
MUSIC DANCE and FSHION in ITALY RusRim original video
Contemporary  dance in Rome
Italy fashion – VIDEO


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